November 29 – January 3
12 Cocktails of Christmas

12 Cocktails of Christmas Challenge

Join us this holiday season and “ride the rail” with Mockingbird’s 12 Cocktails of Christmas Challenge! Beginning November 29 (Black Friday), visit Mockingbird and try all 12 Mockingbird cocktails such as “Of Spice & Men” and “Gone With The Gin.” Order all 12 cocktails by Friday, January 3, and win a limited-edition Mockingbird baseball cap! Winners will also be entered into a raffle for a $100 Mockingbird gift card!

Contest Rules:

  • Contest completion cannot be attempted in one visit.
  • Only one drink will be served at a time.
  • Only one substitution will be permitted based on taste or allergy restrictions.
Thursday, December 5
Olivia Ports

Olivia Ports

Olivia Ports is a singer/songwriter from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois whose passion lies in writing about impending doom in an upbeat way. Olivia specializes in live performance and creating a unique environment at every show, with a combination of dark lyrics and indie/pop melodies. The Olivia Ports Band consists of lead guitarist Chris Leonard, bassist Bill Syniar, and drummer/vocalist David Kelly. Each member has an extensive musical background, from audio engineering to live performance and touring. This mix of specialties distinguishes the group, and they will be sure to make light of the darkest lyric.

Thursday, December 12
Kelly Steward

Kelly Steward

Kelly Steward is a Midwestern American singer, songwriter and recording artist hailing from Rockford, IL. Her haunting indie flavored neo-traditional country meditations are a favorite in this area of the country, a grass-roots musical movement from the state that brought you Wilco. After a few storied years in Los Angeles, Kelly moved back to the Midwest to record her EP “Long Long Road” with producer and fellow musician Miles Nielsen. Traveling and playing with Miles’ band for a couple years, Kelly broke off to form her own band The Restless Kind with Greg Whitson (guitar), Scott Ford (bass) and Jesse Carmona (drums). In 2012 she released an intimate EP titled “Out From Within.” 2019 marks her full length album debut “Tales and Tributes of the Deserving and Not So” produced by Kelly and her fellow band-mate Greg Whitson. The vibe of the album is reminiscent of mid-70’s female singer-songwriters like Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and Linda Ronstadt, with a Laurel Canyon via Midwest Americana feel.

Wednesday, December 18
Chris Walke and Mike Echlin

Mike Echlin & Friends

A special trio playing a bit of everything. Chris Walke and Jeff Thompson join singer-songwriter Mike Echlin for a couple of unique sets that they’ve never played before.