Our Story

Healthy Food with a Stylish Flair

Inspired by our desire to serve and create a sense of community, Mockingbird Bar + Garden is a food and drink focused gathering place in a lively, convivial setting, stylishly designed to create memorable experiences.

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Tables and windows at Mockingbird Bar + Garden

Located right on the bike path!

In European fashion, our combination of espresso bar, cocktail lounge and wood-fired kitchen offers fresh, approachable cicchetti (small plates in the style of Venice), prepared in our wood burning oven, or as they say in the French countryside, Au feu de bois.

Au feu de bois

Mockingbird Bar + Garden menus

Clean & seasonal indulgences

Driven by our love for food and knowledge of wellness, our daily changing menu encourages you to eat seasonal and clean—while still having a bit of indulgence. Whether served fresh or wood-fired, nothing is over complicated. We promise to give your palate something delicious and maybe even something new.

Coffee cups at Mockingbird Bar + Garden

Unpretentiously delicious

We aspire to being a hive of buzz and activity. Visit us, and get a sense of connection. Start your weekend here with an espresso while reading the paper. In the evening, enjoy our selection of wine, craft beer and specialty cocktails. They’re a perfect compliment to our delicious yet unpretentious food presentations—many gathered locally.

Mockingbird Bar + Garden interior with wood-fired oven

All the good things!

Offering an espresso and juice bar, enchanting cocktails and incredible food that is good for you. We want you to have a long life, and feel good while you’re livin’ it!

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